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About Deviant Official Beta Tester 🎀XxRubyTheRabbitxX🎀Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconpageant-mobius: Pageant-Mobius
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❤️-My ID-❤️

:iconredheart-plz:.:Meenah Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Shira Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Rika Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Matilda Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Florida Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Amaterasu Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Ruby N' China Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconredheart-plz:

:iconredheart-plz:.:Alice Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Mirana Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-.:Adrian Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Ayame Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconredheart-plz:
:bulletred:Nicknames:Ruby, Ardur, Ortro, Aki, Cat:bulletred:
:bulletred:Birthday:A Secret:bulletred:
:heart:Relationship Status: Whats a relationship?:heart:
:bulletred:Hieee! Welcome to my page and before you think im weird or scary you should know im eccentric as fuck and i love it!:bulletred:
Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-Girlstamp :: cat lover by octobre-rougeMy Art, My Rules by Survey-chan

💚-Other Places Im At-💚

:icongreenheartplz:.:Rukia Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Rosaline Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Ki-Leigh Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Paige Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Coral Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Apple Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Coloris Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:icongreenheartplz:

:icongreenheartplz:.:Skeletia Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-.:Kishi Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Alani Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:icongreenheartplz:
:bulletgreen:Alt DeviantArt: Commando-Banana:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Transformice: Ortro:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Youtube: o0rubytherabbit0o ,o0RTR0o:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Photobucket: Ew Recolours
:bulletgreen:3DS FriendCode (Ask to Add): 1521-2631-0626:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Wii U Add: Ardur-Pulse:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:AC NL DreamCode: need to check this:bulletgreen:
Shrooms Stamp by nandiamondAnimal Crossing Love Stamp by smileystampsSleep - Stamp by Suyy


🐰-Shameless plugs-🐰

:iconpinkheart-plz:.:Aki Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Nina Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Rosie Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Sugar Rush Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Berry Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Sorbet Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Amelia Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Marie Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconpinkheart-plz:

:iconpinkheart-plz:.:Mirage Mini Pixel:. by Commando-BananaAmerisa by Commando-Banana-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-.:Aracia Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:BonBon Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Jewell Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconpinkheart-plz:

stamp shugo chara 6 by arlequinmistressMLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiShiny Vaporeon Stamp by The-Shiny-Store


:iconmisunderstood-wolf: :iconcrimsontagger: :iconzxcammyshypaixz: :iconnovastartherapter: :iconsam-nerdinc:

🐱-Cool Cats-🐱

:iconorangeheart-plz:.:Savannah Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Kara Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Meme Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Stream Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Nadeshiko Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Saffron Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Typhoon Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconorangeheart-plz:

:iconorangeheart-plz:.:Princess Alana Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Aisha Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Alder Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Ashley Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Rima Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Alex Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Essence Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Aaron Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconorangeheart-plz:
I really dont feel right haveing this as a friend box anymore, alot of the people in here i dont talk to anymore and i feel awful leaving people who i value alot out just cause they dont have a DA or anything. So i'll be changing this box into something else?? Im not quite sure what yet though.
Though saying that, even if your username has been removed dont worry you're still amazing! I just..felt awful for the others that can't be on here.
Warriors Stamp by WarriorsClubCall it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaix+:Shine Stamp:+ by l-loneybun

🌟-To Do & Owed-🌟

:iconyellowheartplz: .:Sunny Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Souffle Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Current Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Jamie Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Cynthia Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Mackie Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Dani Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconyellowheartplz:

:iconyellowheartplz: .:Almond Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Fanical Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Aurina N Pie Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana+-+-+-+-+-+-+- .:Ryan Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana .:Alps Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconyellowheartplz:
:bulletyellow:Owed Art::bulletyellow:
Drawing all my lesser known Ocs
References For My Main OCs
Random ass stuff i wanna do.
Birthday gifts
I love Leopard Geckos by WishmasterAlchemist 206 - Dunsparce by Marlenesstamps Ranma Stamp by Aletheiia90

💜-Commision Info-💜

:iconvioletheartplz:.:Kali Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Destiny Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Delilah Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Terra Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Something Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Sherbert Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Roxy Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconvioletheartplz:

:iconvioletheartplz:.:Jester Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Shiro Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+.:Evelyn Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana.:Serenity Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana:iconvioletheartplz:
Commissions Button #Purple  (FREE to use) by Hunibi
:bulletpurple:Mini Pixels = 45Purple Points by breerothmanOPEN!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:+10Purple Points by breerothman for an icon aswell:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Mini Pixel Bundle: If you buy 5 its only 200Purple Points by breerothman:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Plush Icons = 100Purple Points by breerothmanOPEN!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Chibi Icons = 200Purple Points by breerothmanOPEN!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Not so Chibis = 450Purple Points by breerothmanCURRENTLY CLOSED!!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Chao! = 450Purple Points by breerothmanCURRENTLY CLOSED!!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:For a full body picture like this = 800Purple Points by breerothmanCURRENTLY CLOSED!!:bulletpurple:
Art-Trade Button #Purple  (FREE to use) by Hunibi
If i have some spare time which wont be all the time i'm totally up for an art trade! If you want one and have a character of mine you'd prefer to draw just say, you can totally draw them haha. Also please do your parts first!
I'm sorry i dont trust people anymore vov...
Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki:iconpageant-mobius:Character design stamp by SA948-Stamps


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